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Our product range reflects our commitment to providing focused, quality services to businesses hoping to gain traction in the online marketplace. As such, we've made the choice as simple as possible.

SEO Assessment

  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing Analysis & Report
  • Phone Consultation on the Outcome of the Report
  • Cross Check on your Charges Against the Report
  • Communication with Your Digital Marketer

SEO Assessment + Monitoring

  • Health Check Inclusions as Standard
  • Strategy Session on Your Marketing Expectations
  • We will work with Your Digital Marketer
  • We Track Your Monthly Progress
  • Direct Access to our Technical Team

SEO Assessment

Our SEO assessment is a manual evaluation process undertaken by our consultants. We evaluate the following aspects of your website and general SEO engagement practices:

  • Website coding quality, structure and compliance
  • Data structures and content
  • Content optimisation methods
  • Content delivery methods
  • Usability compliance
  • Community engagement
  • Link building methods
  • Social media footprint
  • Digital marketing performance

We produce a comprehensive report which provides a clear score card of the various elements of your SEO campaign. We highlight any elements that are problematic or potentially damaging, and will provide suggestions for areas that would help your online standing, should there be any.

We will also arrange a meeting (in person or by phone/video) to discuss your circumstances and your pain points in an effort to determine how we can provide the best possible solution. Follow up discussions are also encouraged after the report has been provided to discuss the outcomes. In addition to this, we are happy to engage with your SEO provider on your behalf to discuss any plans for remedial activities should they be required.

SEO Assessment + Monitoring

SEO Monitoring is an extension of the standard SEO Assessment option, providing monthly re-assessments for three months to monitor the progress of improvements to your SEO and Digital Marketing strategy. Additional assessments can also be provided on request, depending on the nature and scope of the changes.

This option is idealy suited to businesses who undertake remedial SEO activities to address any issues identified in the initial report, and to monitor growth in activity during any parallel Digital Marketing campaign efforts.

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